• "Do the smallest thing for yourself  that can make you feel better"

      • Get inspired on a journey full of yoga, healthy eating, joy and well being. 
      • All of that offers Vinyasa yoga with Pavla

      • "May all beings are happy"
      • Namaste
      • With love
      •  Pavla ♥

What I can offer to you

Private lessons

Do you wish to do something with your body but you do not want to go to the gym or yoga studio?

So this is exactly lesson for you. I will prepare a lesson according to your needs and I will keep my attention just to you.

Yoga at the office

I also offer yoga at offices according to your time schedule. I do yoga with companies like Sefira, American express and at Legal offices here in Prague. I will gladly come to teach you yoga at the office.

 I teach groups but also individuals.

Yoga with seniors

I do also offer yoga for seniors. That is really fulfilling for me when I see the results we have. 

I do teach yoga my granny. She is stomic patient (90 years old) and because of yoga she can still move. In case you are interested I can come to senior's house or  care house and I can prepare the lessons according to senior's state.

Lessons for foreigners in english, german or italian

If you are a foreigner and you prefer lessons in your native language I can offer to you lessons in english, german or italian.

Yoga at "Kavčí hory"

From May till August we do yoga on regular basis once a week outside at "Kavčí hory", Prague 4, (nearest metro station Pankrác.)

Let's join us ♥

Raw food consultancies

If you interested in that lifestyle I will gladly give you some tips and tricks. I am doing this raw food diet predominantely for 5 years and I still do like it very much. So I would like you to get inspired by my example.